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The SHEIN Workplace

SHEIN is made up of unique individuals who believe that fashion brings dignity to world, and hold true to the mission of making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.

From the United States to Singapore, SHEIN serves over 150 countries in over 20 languages, dedicating ourselves to delivering the best customer experiences, built by our family of SHEINers.

Giving back to the communities we operate in isn’t just a corporate initiative. Our SHEINers are hands-on and get directly involved in causes that are close to our hearts. 

Women’s Football Awards

SHEIN was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Women’s Football Awards in the UK, where incredible sportwomen and role models who have made a positive difference to the growth of the sport were honoured and celebrated. The sponsorship is an example of how SHEIN is empowering women and girls around the world, supporting causes and initiatives that render aid, provide safety, build community, and celebrate them and their achievements.

Inner-City Arts Career Fair

SHEIN got up close and personal with passionate artists and the next generation of art talents at the Inner-City Arts career fair in Los Angeles, where SHEINers spoke with attendees about working in the fashion industry (and at SHEIN)! 

SHEIN Singapore X F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022

As international government and business partners of SHEIN gathered in Singapore for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, SHEIN Singapore organised our very first reception and networking sessions at F1 Singapore Grand Prix in appreciation of our partners. In addition, we held a series of dialogue sessions with Singapore’s fashion and design industry, and an open discussion with a Singaporean not-for-profit SG Her Empowerment (SHE) that strives to empower girls and women through community engagements and partnerships.

Our Employee Values

Customer First

Believe in a customer-first mentality. Listen carefully to fully understand customer’s needs. Continuously provide customers with products that are affordable. Strive to provide service that exceeds customer expectations. Treat internal departments as customers, too, and with superior service.

Commitment to Excellence

Never leave what can be done today for tomorrow. Be goal and results-oriented. Be self-motivated and take initiative.

Quick to Adapt

Respond to customers’ needs at any time. Focus on problem solving first, before discussing accountability. Adapt rapidly to change, including changes within the business, internal organization, working processes and tasks.

Learn & Innovate

Be eager to learn new information and skills to improve working efficiency. Remain curious about new technologies and methods that may impact your work. Fully understand what is required of your role, incorporating new concepts and methods to continuously improve.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Willingly accept help from others and support a collaborative environment. Express opinions and actively participate in the decision making process, supporting final decisions once they are made. Share professional knowledge and experiences with colleagues, and offer help when needed. Use the power of the team to solve problems. Respect fellow colleagues and their different beliefs and values. Contribute to a positive team attitude to achieve shared goals.

Careers @ SHEIN

Our values consist of:

  • Putting customers first
  • Going all out
  • Acting and adapting
  • Continuous learning and innovating
  • Encouraging synergy and collaboration at all levels within the business 

At SHEIN, we pride ourselves on our agile business model and talent base. As industry pioneers, we’re looking for dreamers and doers who are looking to shine at SHEIN and live your possible. 

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