SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.

Empowering Talent to Reach Their Full Potential

We offer opportunities for skill development and career growth for our employees and brand partners around the world, respecting their diversity of cultures, abilities and lifestyles.

employee wellbeing and diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At SHEIN, we create a culture in which talent can access their full potential. We celebrate the individuality of our team members and work to build a safe and inclusive working environment where careers thrive. Read our full DEI Statement here.

anti-harassment & discrimination

No one should fear discrimination or harassment in the workplace. SHEIN takes these risks seriously, as they impact the health and wellbeing of our employees. All employees are required to undergo training on our global Code of Ethics policy to promote awareness and support a safe and inclusive work environment. We have also established a global hotline that directs registered complaints to SHEIN’s Legal Department for review and follow-up.

We foster a safe environment by hiring according to our values and communicating to new hires that we expect everyone to be treated with respect. In 2022, to reinforce our values, we strengthened our global anti-discrimination policies to include marginalized groups and emphasized positive rights – that all people regardless of gender, LGBTQ+ status, race, religion, ethnicity, or other factors have the right to be free and work in a welcoming and safe environment.

health & Safety

Everyone should feel safe at work. Our global Health and Safety Statement governs the management of work-related health and safety risks across all sites. That includes supplier manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution facilities and corporate offices. The policy sets out the principles that guide our approach to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), as well as outlining our responsibilities to our employees and the communities where we operate. It is complemented by our Global Code of Ethics and Business and Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

talent retention, training & development

SHEIN employees can grow at work. They have opportunities to explore their passions, build their careers and give back to their communities. We offer education resources, help team members set and achieve their ambitious career goals and host team building events, including volunteer activities.

employee training

SHEIN employees never stop learning. SHEIN Academy, officially launched in January 2022, is our online learning management platform that integrates learning resources to support talent development. Employees around the world can expand their knowledge and skills through micro-courses, online and offline programs, blended programs and learning maps.

empowering external talent

SHEIN X Incubator Program

SHEIN empowers emerging designers to build their own successful brands. We created the SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program to guide designers from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing and supply chain logistics. Designers are offered classes, mentorship and unique tools such as SHEIN’s real-time analytics suite where they can respond to up-to-the-minute consumer demands. The SHEIN X program also funds the entire production and logistics process, which allows designers to produce and launch their own fashion collections without undertaking financial risk or burden.

Since launching in January 2021, the SHEIN X program has grown from only seven to nearly 3,000 designers and artists from around the world, birthing nearly 2,000 collections with more than 25,000 original creations. Over the last two years, SHEIN has invested more than US$55 million to empower aspiring designers and artists from more than 20 countries, supporting them in their journey to launch their own fashion collections to global audiences.

“A core pillar of SHEIN’s business model is to empower entrepreneurs. The SHEIN X program nurtures designers, helping them elevate their brands on the global stage”, says Molly Miao, Chief Operating Officer of SHEIN. “SHEIN is dedicated to continuing our SHEIN X outreach and efforts amongst designer and artist communities around the world, taking another step forward in making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.”