Improving Lives in Each Community We Reach

We secure human rights and ethical working and living conditions across our global value chain through training, community programs, volunteerism and philanthropic giving.

supply Chain

Supplier Employees

SHEIN does not own or operate any manufacturing facilities. Instead, we work with a network of third-party suppliers to manufacture products that carry the SHEIN brand.

SHEIN Responsible Sourcing Program

The SHEIN Responsible Sourcing (SRS) policy is our commitment-in-action. It ensures that all factories and companies that supply to SHEIN comply with local laws and regulations as well as international human rights and labor conventions and standards.

We work with independent third-party quality assurance auditors such as Intertek, TUVR, SGS and Openview to manage suppliers of SHEIN products and monitor their compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes compliance requirements related to health and safety, environment, labor and social welfare. It’s our way of ensuring that the third-party vendors in our ecosystem provide safe and dignified working and living conditions for their employees. 

In 2022, SHEIN, directly and with third parties, quadrupled the number of audits it performed, conducting over 2,800 audits across supplier facilities. To further support the suppliers in our ecosystem, we have also created the SHEIN Supplier Community Empowerment Program which looks at factory enhancement, technology innovation, training support and community engagement.

Supplier Community Empowerment Program

Our Supplier Community Empowerment Program is an initiative that advances supplier partners and their communities at different stages of their development. Through the program, SHEIN has been implementing long-term initiatives to empower supplier partners across four key pillars: factory enhancement, technology innovation, training support and community engagement.

SHEIN Spotlight Program

IIn 2021, we established the SHEIN Spotlight Program to empower the communities of suppliers we source from and the families within them. SHEIN Spotlight provides financial support to help communities through life’s biggest moments and to help families in need due to financial hardship caused by major illnesses. The SHEIN Spotlight Program provides 46,000 workers in 254 factories the opportunity to apply for grants. Since the inception of the program in 2021, it has awarded grants to 251 families, totaling over $300,000.

giving back to our global community

SHEIN Cares Fund

We understand our responsibility to impact change. We partner with organizations advancing some of the world’s most urgent causes. We have supported a number of charitable causes in the communities where we live and work. Given SHEIN’s global reach and diverse customer base, we know this is just a start, and there is much more to be done.

“Empowering individuals and giving back to those in need has been part of our company’s DNA since day one,” says Molly Miao, Chief Operating Officer at SHEIN. “We hope the SHEIN Cares Fund will further support many organizations around the world who are on the front lines of tackling tough challenges.”