SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.

Securing Access to Self-Expression for Our Diverse Community

We ensure that customers around the world have safe access to affordable means of self-expression – regardless of culture, gender, age, body type, ability or economic status.

Customer-centric & inclusive

Everyone deserves to feel seen and respected when they shop. At SHEIN, we aim to be a leader in self-expression for our customers. We know there is no one standard of beauty. We are proud to offer a variety of products that reflect the individuality of our diverse community – regardless of culture, gender, age, body type, ability, economic status or personal style.

Accessibility doesn’t mean waste. Our on-demand production model lets us make batches of only 100 to 200 pieces and respond directly to customer demand to determine future production. This allows us to limit excess inventory to single digits, which means less resource waste and lower costs right from the beginning.

Securing Customer INformation

Customers’ information is safe with SHEIN. As an online retailer, it is our responsibility to use the strongest possible safeguards. We gather information selectively to improve personal shopping experience and support each customer’s right to opt-out, request access and delete data as they choose. We embrace transparency and provide clear notices that help people understand what we do with the limited data we do collect. View our customer information Privacy Policy here.

We ensure all data is secure. We employ industry-standard data protection technologies and advanced security analytics to protect our infrastructure and data. We also partner with third-party experts to conduct regular risk assessments based on internationally recognized security standards and frameworks like ISO 27001, NIST and PCI DSS.


Communication is important to us. As we continue advancing sustainability and positive social impact, we understand that it is crucial to provide transparency about our progress, values and plans for the future. 

In early 2022, our company issued its first Sustainability & Social Impact report, outlining our business and aspirations to track and measure our progress towards our science-based targets. We also published our first greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline in 2022, which studied our 2021 emissions and announced our commitment to reduce absolute GHG emissions by 25% by 2030. And we conducted scenario analyses that guided our fact-based decisions about where to make reductions.