Protecting Biodiversity & Animal Welfare

We are doing our part to combat environmental degradation and promote animal welfare in partnership with local communities.

Material Traceability

The key to understanding and mitigating the impacts of our products on biodiversity and animal welfare lies in accurately tracing the complex supply chains of our materials to their fiber source and engaging at the farm level. 

SHEIN has established an innovative supply chain sustainable material tracking platform, aimed at verifying the material source and tracing the material flow along our supply chain. This initiative supports our commitment to sourcing more sustainable materials, strengthening supply chain due diligence, and managing the environmental impacts of our products in a deeper way. Moving forward, we aim to engage more directly with biodiversity and animal welfare at the field level for natural fibers.

Protecting Forest

Forests are critical as a shield against climate change. They’re important for the planet’s biodiversity, for providing filtration for our water and air, and for the livelihood of so many. SHEIN can play an important role in leveraging fashion as a tool to drive consumer awareness about forest protection and to drive positive change in our industry. 

In partnership with Canopy’s experts, our work involves identifying strategies and products that will help significantly reduce our environmental impact. This includes helping SHEIN explore the sourcing of next generation fibers for clothing production and engaging our partners to help support production of these game-changing alternatives to virgin wood fiber viscose. SHEIN has committed to eliminate these vital forests as sources for its fabrics and paper packaging by 2025, to increasingly incorporate NextGen fibers, and to actively advocate for global forest conservation.

Animal Welfare

Although products made from animal-based materials (wool, leather, down, etc.) only represent a small proportion of our offering, we still recognize the role we have to play in upholding animal rights in the supply chain. Our Animal Welfare Policy outlines a commitment to the five freedoms set out by the World Organization for Animal Health (founded as OIE) in their Animal Health Codes and the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC).